Rob's Priorities


Every child should have access to an affordable and quality education, and no one should have to take on massive student loan debt to pay for higher education. We have to stop allowing the government and higher education lenders to profit off high interest rates and inescapable debt. We must also invest in vocational, technical and degree programs to prepare students to enter the workforce.


No one should have to forgo medical care or take on massive medical debt to receive the care they need.There are many proposals to improve our healthcare system, but they all have one goal in mind:universal coverage. I support increasing healthcare access and affordability by creating a Medicare buy-in option for all who want it. Private insurance companies must lower their costs and improve their offerings in order to compete in the market. We must also allow the federal government to negotiate pharmaceutical drug prices.


We can’t continue to grow our nation’s economy, create jobs and ensure greater economic opportunity for all without the infrastructure to support it. Our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, and it’s more than just roads and bridges. We need to make aggressive investments in transportation, municipal water systems, energy utilities and telecommunications infrastructure. We also need to make significant investments in renewable energy to combat climate change, create jobs and expand Louisiana’s energy portfolio. Louisiana can, and should, lead the nation in the production of renewable energy.