In Congress, I will fight for legislation to treat marijuana no differently than alcohol. Why? For starters, it's the right thing to do, but that's not all. Across the country, the VA denies veterans the right to use cannabis to treat PTSD. Cancer patients are denied the right to use marijuana for pain and nausea. Children suffering from seizures are subjected to pharmaceutical after pharmaceutical that show no promise of working, but parents face jail time for using marijuana-derived treatments that work. It is time to fix our marijuana laws. Will you join me in saying #LegalizeIt?

The war on cannabis has been an abysmal failure. Every year, thousands of people are ripped from their families and put in jails and prisons for the simple crime of possessing or smoking a plant. We damnd action from the Congress and the states to reform our nation's marijuana laws: 

  1. We demand the United States Congress pass legislation that de-schedules cannabinoids and pass legislation that would treat marijuana like alcohol. 
  2. We demand that Congress and the individual state legislatures introduce and pass laws to set aside marijuana-related convictions. 
  3. We demand that universities and institutions of higher learning be allowed to study the medicinal properties of cannabinoids.
  4. We demand that marijuana-related arrests and convictions be disregarded when considering applications for federal student aid.

Will you sign?

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