Cajun Act

  1. We’ve seen how digitalization greatly increases work output, and reduces carbon footprints. The next obvious step is to improve the energy efficiency of our new digital economy.
  2. We already plan to address our crumbling infrastructure, by repairing the old, and adding to it with new technologies. We must encourage this drive for energy efficiency in all future work.
  3. All critical data infrastructures and buildings should use an energy optimization system.
  4. Far from increasing the regulatory burden, this act mandates cost reductions and other fiscal and environmental benefits for American enterprises.
  5. By far the largest environmental impact comes from our largest, most economically significant firms. Today, we enlist those firms in a win-win-win: they reduce operational costs, consumers pay less for goods and services, and the environment gets a break.

The sooner we start, the more we will save in money and resources. It’s time to stop “slapping a Band-aid” on our problems. We do not want to hand down our burdens onto the next generation, especially when tackling it now comes with the benefit of added jobs and wealth in the short-term.

The power of ingenuity can be harnessed to shape the path that our grandchildren will walk. And we have that ingenuity at our disposal – all we need is the will to do it.