Rob for Louisiana

Rob Anderson For Congress 2020Rob Anderson was born in 1968 on a Naval base in California. His career-military father moved his young family around the country until 1974 when they finally settled in Florida. It was here that Anderson’s heart became tied to the Deep South.

Anderson left his love of the South in search of work in New York City. He found his first career there as the manager of a printing shop. For eleven years, he transformed a small printing shop into a modernized digital printing and file processing facility. Taking the IT skills he learned there, he moved on to working for various financial institutions in New York. Eventually, he moved on to Maryland to raise his young children.

Rob and his wife ClarissaIt was in Maryland that Anderson started to find more fulfillment in blue collar trades. He moved from the world of finance and IT into the world of home construction, concrete construction, and geotechnical drilling.

This work took Anderson and his family many places, but he ultimately found himself settling in Louisiana. Anderson’s variety of life and career experience has given him a pragmatic approach to the world. He gained an equal view of what it is like to work as a member of management and as a man in the field. In his time, he has also garnered interests and experience as an artist, performing musician, and an author.

Rob and his wife Clarissa, married since 1990, have remained together with a bond of mutual understanding, love, and trust. Their two children, Madeline who is 28 and Elias who is 22, have degrees in engineering.